10 February 2010

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News & Views
More turning to AWARE for help
Demand for AWARE’s direct services jumped sharply last year. Calls to the Helpline grew by 40%, while the number of counselling cases increased by more than 200%.  The heavier demand means we need to expand our pool of volunteers for the Helpline. Would you make a good Helpliner?  More.
The High Cost of Free Drinks
Local nightspot Overeasy made news sites and blogs the world over with its recent ‘Fill My Cups’ marketing ploy. It offered free drinks to women based on their bra size. Reactions to the gimmick were mixed, with some defending it as a bit of fun and others decrying it as demeaning women. Read AWARE’s letter to Straits Times and the many comments posted on our website.Read.


 So what is Feminism all about anyway?
 If you’re reading this you’re likely to be an AWARE member or someone with an interest in women’s or gender issues. But just what are women’s and gender issues? What is the whole ‘women’s movement’ or ‘feminism’ all about, really?  AWARE has put together a crash course on gender sensitization for members and volunteers. We need some people to help us with the test runs of the programme. More.
Did the economic crisis affect you?
Our CEDAW research team is conducting a study of the impact of the global economic crisis on women in Singapore and their families. Help in the gathering of data by taking part in the survey. Please also email the link or print out the form and pass it to your women friends or relatives. More
Women World Wide
Stay in touch with news about women and women’s issues from around the world. We bring you links to the latest news on our Women World Wide page. Take a look.
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What's On

History of Feminism
23 Feb, AWARE Centre
Join us as AWARE tells all about the history on Feminism in this very interesting two and half hour workshop. Get the details

Love & Light Festival
27 Feb, Suntec City
AWARE is the official charity for Singapore’s first Love & Light Festival which will feature a wide range of activities and stalls focused on well-being – physical, mental, spiritual.More details.
Debunking Myths
1 Mar, AWARE Centre
What are Myths? How do they get passed on? What is their relevance to Feminism and women's movement? Come find out.
Bamboo Women, Grass Girls: Tales of Resilience
5 Mar, AWARE Centre
Storytelling for adults filled with feisty folktales from around the world.Learn about the power of strong women through zesty storytelling.More.
How does a feminist look like?
8 Mar, AWARE Centre
On International Women's Day AWARE holds this workshop that explores realms of feminism and its relevance today.Join us.All info is here.
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