7 October 2010
News & Views
Sell your wares at AWARE
Want to hawk your pre-loved clothes, cupcakes or your very own works of art? AWARE is organising an open-air bazaar on November 25th and we want to showcase your talents, skills and entrepreneurial finesse! Get the details.
From Cyberstalkers to Up-skirting – 10 Tech Scams You Should
Know About
What happens when smart phones bite back? The era of cool gadgets come with a whole host of new threats - some of which specifically target women. From romance scams to upskirting,
there seems to always be someone trying to pervert the use of these great new inventions. Should you be afraid? No - but be aware. Know the risks and know what you can do about them...
How Harassment Hurts
A true story of how one woman struggled to cope with the emotional and psychological effects of sexual harassment.
Dear Dads: Fight For Your Rights
Fathers who feel family courts treat them badly should get involved in the campaign for true equality. So said, Women Views on News.
Video: In a Huff About the Huff
Is The Huffington Post is happy to objectify women if it gets them website views? Feminist cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian discusses. Watch this.  
What's On
Meat Me Halfway
7pm - 8.30pm on October 27th
Have you ever been tempted to try vegetarianism, even on a part-time basis? Come and meet The Vegetarian Society of Singapore and enjoy some delicious smoothies while you get some useful tips on how to live healthier. Register.

Round Table Talks: Is Violence Against Women a Problem in Singapore?
7:30pm on November 11th
Join Chan Wing Cheong, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, NUS, as he uncovers the prevalence and types of violence against women in Singapore. More details.