Check out the latest news and happenings at AWARE
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Check out the latest news and happenings at AWARE
August 2, 2012

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To improve fertility rate, improve quality of life

If citizens do not have a sense of well-being and security, they will not be inclined to take on additional responsibilities of parenting and caregiving. To improve the fertility rate, it is thus necessary to address policies that affect quality of life in Singapore. Read our recommendations to the National Population and Talent Division here.


Parliament Primer: Cultural shift needed for better birth rate?

On July 9 & 10, MPs discussed the fertility rate, childcare standards, and workplace policies for women. Find out more here.

Concerns about the Voluntary Sterilisation Bill

The proposed amendments do not adequately protect women and young girls with mental disabilities. Find out why here .

Rethinking the Muslim marriage contract

The relationship between feminism and Islam, and how this impacts marriage and family, deserves further exploration. These issues, and more, were explored at the seminar, Rethinking the Muslim Marriage Contract. Learn more about the discussion here.


Roundtable Discussion: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

How do sexual orientation and gender identity connect to human rights? Learn more at our Roundtable Discussion on Aug 16. Get more details and register for this event here.

Financial Awareness & Confidence Training 1: Money & Me

This useful introduction to financial planning, personal budgeting and debt management kicks off on Aug 22. Sign up here.

Managers' Guide To Dealing With Workplace Sexual Harassment

This Aug 31 class will teach you how to make your workplace a safe environment. Sign up here.