21 October 2010
News & Views
I Like It In My Status Update… Or do I? 
In our new commentary column, In My Humble Opinion, artist and astute societal observer, Tania De Rozario, explains why she doesn't like it when viral campaigns sacrifice seriousness in the name of contagion. Get the details.
SQ Pregnancy Payout: AWARE’s Response
Singapore Airlines is now giving cabin crew who become pregnant an ex-gratia payout - amounting to two months' salary. Read AWARE's response and the article published in last week's Straits Times.

Celebrate! Our 25th Birthday Party, Flea, Fun & Food Fair
It's our 25th birthday bash and you're invited to our place for some fun-filled, family-friendly revelry. More details.
Woman We Love: Grace Young 
Our national bowler turned cross-country cyclist is steadily turning the wheels of change.
The Bra-Burning Myth
Been accused of setting your underwear on fire? Here's the real deal on the fiction that's flamed feminists since the 1960s.
Top 3 Cheap & Chic Eco-Fabulous Accessories
Solar panels and hybrid cars are great for Al Gore, but the rest of us mere mortals can do our part by finding simple, affordable ways to reduce our carbon footprint. More details.
What's On
Meat Me Halfway
7pm - 8.30pm on October 27th
Have you ever been tempted to try vegetarianism, even on a part-time basis? Come and meet The Vegetarian Society of Singapore and enjoy some delicious smoothies while you get some useful tips on how to live healthier. Register.

Getting to know AWARE night
7pm on November 10th
Are you a new member or volunteer looking to learn more about AWARE, or passionate about women's issues and interested in volunteering your time towards the cause of gender equality in Singapore?  If you answered 'yes' to either, then this gathering is for you! Read more.

What's On Elsewhere
Let's Talk About Sex
October 2010 until March 2011 
Think you know all that you ought to about sex? Two workshops given by Dr. Martha Lee, Clinical Sexologist, Eros Coaching. Register.