20 May 2010
News & Views
State’s decisions a threat to secular society
Two recent moves by the Singapore government appear to favour one system of values over others in our pluralistic nation. This, says CONSTANCE SINGAM, could subvert the very nature of our secular society. Read more. 
Can you be a friend to victims of domestic violence?
AWARE’s Befriender programme provides moral support and other help to victims of domestic violence. PATRICIA DRISCOLL, a Befriender, shares her experience and explains why the service is so important. Learn more here. 

From the Executive Director’s desk
This has been one of the most active 3-month periods of my life, says CORINNA LIM as she reports on her first 100 days as AWARE’s Executive Director. Find out more. 

Improve gender equality and you will raise fertility
The best way to get Singaporeans to produce more babies is to improve gender equality, AWARE says in a letter sent to The Straits Times Forum page. Read more here.
Women World Wide
When does a woman go from being single to unmarried? Single carries a connotation of eligibility and possibility, while unmarried has that dreaded over-the-hill, out-of-luck, you-are-finished, no-chance implication, writes New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. We bring you this and other links to the latest news and views about women and women’s issues around the world. Take a look.
Part Time Book Keeper
Are you a book keeper with at least five years of experience with a keen eye for detail and good planning, organizing and prioritising skills? We need you at AWARE. More details here.

Executive Director for Action for AIDS
Action for AIDS is looking for an Executive Director. Closing date for application is 21 May 2010. Details here.

Volunteers for AFA’s new outreach programme
Action for AIDS wants to educate women and girls about HIV/AIDS and needs women volunteers. Find out more.

What's On
Getting to Know AWARE Night
9 June 2010
Learn about AWARE and make new friends. That’s what our ‘Getting to know AWARE nights’ are about. Get the details.

Superwomen in Concert
8 June 2010
Tickets are selling fast. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch this blockbuster fund-raising extravaganza staged in celebration of AWARE’s 25th anniversary! More details here.

23 May, Raffles Hotel Jubilee Hall
A musical exploring in a humourous way the issues involved in relationships. Staged in support of WINGS, the musical features songs and music are by Lim Kay Siu and August Lum. More.

Seminar: Families, Children and Domestic Workers in Contemporary Asia
26 May, The Pod, Level 16, National Library Building
A free seminar on what the presence of domestic workers in a middle class household means for a) the ability to be middle class, b) middle class working women and c) the children of employing households. Organised by the Asia Research Institute and NLB. More.

The Full Monty
18 June – 4 Jul, Drama Centre Theatre
PANGDEMONiUM!'s inaugural production is a hilarious and heartwarming musical comedy adapted from the Oscar winning movie of the same name. More.