17 June 2010
News & Views
Keep this date free
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year will be held on Saturday 28 August. Mark the date now in your calendar and keep the afternoon free. A formal notice will be sent to all members soon. Please RENEW your MEMBERSHIP NOW by logging in at the website, so that you will receive the notice. Read the announcement here.
Truly a night to remember
Our Superwomen in Concert proved to be a glorious concoction of fun and friends, cheerful celebration and enormous goodwill. TANIA DE ROZARIO got the reactions of some members of the audience and performers. Read more here.

Are you good at money matters?
Do you think more people should have some personal money management and investment skills? Do you communicate clearly? You do? Then come help us with FIT. Find out more. 

Don't miss the F Word!
If you’d like to know more about how gender roles took shape over time, join us at our Gender Matters workshops. It’s a crash course in feminism, and you’ll see how our beliefs and behaviours are shaped by the conventions of our society. Sign up here.
Women World Wide
In 1970, 46 women filed a landmark gender-discrimination case against NEWSWEEK. Forty years later, three writers ask what’s changed for women at work. Take a look.

What's On
Movie Night: The Bechdel Test
19 June 2010, Saturday
Join us for a movie, some popcorn and conversation. This month we consider female content in film. Does your favourite movie pass the Bechdel Test?! Find Out More. 
Getting to Know AWARE Night
14 July 2010, Wednesday
Learn about AWARE and make new friends. That’s what our ‘Getting to Know AWARE Nights’ are about. Get the details.

What's On Elsewhere

8th International Congress of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics
26 - 28 July 2010 
Held in conjunction with the 10th World Congress of Bioethics, hosted in Singapore, the 8th International Congress of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (FAB), will focus on challenges which concern all women and Mobilities and Inequalities in a globalised world. More.

The Full Monty
18 June – 4 July, Drama Centre Theatre
PANGDEMONiUM! is offering a special 15% discount off Cat 1 ticket prices to AWARE members. Simply email Sylvia at [email protected] or call her at 8364 3640 to enjoy this special discount. More.
Chambers Concert in Support of GK Hope Initiative
19 June 2010, Saturday
The Tatalon Performing Arts Choir (TaPA) will be performing in Singapore in support of the GK Global Summit (June 25 - 27). The members of TaPA, children of poor families in slum areas, are here to perform in Singapore for the second time. More.